Visitor's Information

Welcome, Gentles, to a day in merry old England, in Shallotshire. It is a day of pleasure, to wander, meet lords, ladies, kings, and peasants, eat pickles, watch a Shakespeare play, listen to the music of bards from near and far, eat delicious food, and survey the wares of the merchants. Keep your eyes open for dramatic moments between Renaissance people both on and off the stage...

The Faire will be held on the lawn and street in front of Mem (the Memorial Building on Whitman College's Campus). Join us anytime throughout the day between 10am and 5pm.

If you would like to dress up, but don't have "period" clothing, here are some suggestions:

  • Ladies: wear a long full skirt, plain colored if you can find one, a solid-colored top, and a fitted vest. Do your hair in braids, or up under a scarf.
  • Lords: roll up an old pair of pants, and tie the cuffs just below your knees. Wear a long-sleeved button-up shirt with cuffs, but leave the cuffs unbuttoned, and use shoelaces to lace the shirt closed instead of the buttons if possible.
  • Anyone: find a sheet, blanket or tablecloth, and throw it around your shoulders as a makeshift cloak. Fasten it with a cheap pin from Goodwill or Blue Mountain Humane Society (or your favorite thrift store).

The Faire is organized and put on by the Whitman College Renaissance Faire Committee, an enthusiastic group of Whitman students and alumni. The Faire itself is open to all who wish to attend, and is not limited to current Whitman students.















For out of town visitors, here are some directions to Whitman College. Be aware that it is difficult to find a hotel room in Walla Walla at this time of year, so please reserve early!