Merchants FAQ

This year's merchant chair is Grace Pyles. If you have any other questions about being a merchant at Faire, feel free to contact her at

I need electricity for my booth. I have a generator, should I bring it?

YES. Electricity is only available in a limited number of spots which are on the end of merchant row. Not only will bringing your generator allow us to place you if all other booth spaces with electricity have filled up, but it may also allow us to place you in a more centrally located space if available.

Do I have to wear a costume?

You do not have to wear a costume, but we encourage it. It gives our faire a more authentic atmosphere when merchants are in costume.

I don’t have a costume, how can I get one?

There are many retailers who will sell you renaissance costumes, but they can be very expensive. Some garb can be easily made out of regular clothing. If you would like us to give you some tips about how to do this, please email Grace at

Last year, I didn’t receive the same spot as I had the year before. Why?

As we are a student run group the Merchant chair switches hands at least once every four years and while we do our best to maintain the continuity of the faire, this changing of the guard means the faire is just a little different every year.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is nearly impossible to to give merchants the same location every year. We try to locate individuals according to their request but there are many factors to take into consideration when placing merchants.

How do I make sure to get the same spot I have this year, next year?

If you think you may want the spot you are assigned to this year for our next faire, please remember the spot number (12, for example). These will hopefully remain the same.

I see a spot this year that I really want for next year. How can I get it?

Remember the spot number. This should be written on the street in chalk, right in front of the space.

When should I show up on the day of faire?

Merchants may begin arriving at 6:00am the day of faire. You do not need to arrive exactly at this time, but please understand that our faire begins at 10:00am and plan to arrive with enough time to set up before this time. If you are driving from far away, you may want to reserve a hotel. If so, you should reserve your room early, as the hotels fill up quickly during our faire weekend due to Whitman's alumni weekend. If you will need to pull a truck or other vehicle up to your booth space, you may want to arrive early as merchant row gets very crowded during setup. All this information and more will be sent out in February or March.

I sent in my application. Now what?

If you supplied us with your email, you will receive an email notification confirming that we received your application and you have been accepted. We do not send letters for this due to the cost of postage. In late February or early March, you will receive a letter (either by email, if possible, or by regular post) with further details about the faire, such as where to go to set up, which booth space you have, and hopefully a tentative map of the faire.

I will/want to sell food at Faire. Do I need a food handler’s license?

Yes, you need a food-handler’s license. The merchant letter of invitation which comes with the application has some instructions on how to obtain one. We will not personally check to make sure you have a license, but a member of the Walla Walla County-City Health Department will arrive at the faire during check-in to make sure food handlers have licenses.

I need directions to Faire. How can I get these?

Some brief directions will be provided in the information letter you should receive in February or March or you can find driving directions here. If you use Google Maps and search from your address to 345 Boyer Ave, Walla Walla, WA 99362 you should get good directions to Faire. If you would like, you can email Grace at and she can also give you directions.

What is the attendance of the Renaissance Faire?

We have not conducted a count for a few years but the last time we did, attendance for the single-day event was around 3,000. We have not perceived a decrease in participation since the year this count was taken.