Final Internship Report
Stefanie Bergh
May 7, 2002


The objective of my internship is to turn in a final report to the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute (PCEI), which answers all of their questions. The questions they want me to answer pertain to their restoration of Paradise Creek in Moscow, Idaho. They are planning to install snags to attract native birds and want me do the research on the installation of the snags. The questions they need answered are: What types of birds will use the snags?; How big of holes should we drill for the birds?; How big/what types of snags should be used?; What type of native plant species would be best planted around the snags to maximize wildlife benefit?. PCEI will now use my report to install snags along Paradise Creek.


My goals were to research on my own and try to interview other people who could help me. I wanted to assemble a report that would be helpful to PCEI in their restoration of Paradise Creek. In writing the report I wanted to learn as much as I could about native bird restoration. On my alternative spring break trip to Moscow I wanted to see the creek and be able to put my research in perspective. On the spring break trip I also wanted my group to help PCEI with many restoration activities such as planting trees, fixing tree tubes, and cleaning up the stream banks.


The successes I have had are in researching birds and their habitats. My internship advisor sent me a list of native animals and plants. I have determined what types of birds will use the snags and what native plants of the area will be most beneficial. I have a few articles on woodpeckers and snags, which have been quite helpful although I do need some more detailed information. My internship advisor, Amanda Cronin, has been very helpful in sending me information and answering my questions. Now I have a report to give to PCEI that answers their questions so that they can best install snags along Paradise Creek. The best success I had was helping PCEI on my alternative spring break trip. My group assisted them with many tasks that needed to be done in their restoration of Paradise Creek. It was exciting to help them work on the stream and know that my research would help them as well. While I was in Moscow I gathered information for my snag report by talking to the staff at PCEI and reading some of their literature.


The main difficulty I had was finding information from the library and Orbis libraries on snags. The best information I have is on woodpeckers and it would have been helpful to have more information on other species. I also tried to request information from the DNR on snags, but they never responded.

Experience and Learning

This experience has been a good complement to the alternative spring break trip I led to Moscow. It has given me a chance to invest more into the restoration project than just the one week of work our group was in Moscow. I also learned a lot about wildlife restoration, which is something that I might want to pursue later in life and will be studying when I am abroad.

Time Commitment

I did my research two times per week for two hours at a time. I usually spent that time in the library looking for or analyzing information. I emailed Amanda occasionally to let her know of my progress. I also be spent a week in Moscow working with PCEI over spring break.

Future Recommendations

This internship would not work well if I did not lead the spring break trip to Moscow. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to see what I was doing the research for. PCEI is a great organization to work with so if the intern lived in Moscow and could work with them while at home the internship would be great. I would also recommend doing an alternative spring break with PCEI.

Key Contacts

Amanda Cronin at PCEI (208) 882-1444;