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Flooding and water damage

Serious water damage may result from a variety of causes:  heavy rainstorms, broken pipes, clogged drains and toilets, leaky roofs, broken windows or skylights, sprinklers, etc.

If a water leak or flood occurs:

Remain calm

If there is threat of personal injury, dial 911 to summon assistance.

Call the Physical Plant (5999) during regular business hours or Security (5777) at all other times.  In particular, indicate if any valuable objects, art collections, books, or equipment are affected or are in imminent danger.

Notify your supervisor, co-workers or housemates.

If there are electrical appliances or electrical outlets near the flood/leak, use extreme caution.  If there is any possible danger, evacuate the area.

If you know the source of the water and are confident of your ability to stop it (i.e. unclog a drain, turn off water, etc.), do so cautiously.
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