Department of Economics

George Osborne Policy Paper Project (GOPPP)


This information is being provided as a checklist and guideline for the initiation and completion of the student Position Papers Project.

Each proposal will include -

Research and Writing

Students will research the professional economic literature (and other potential sources) on their topic and write a paper (around 20 pages) in which they assert, critically analyze, and support a position on their chosen policy issue.   An important feature of this exercise is that students will have to present their arguments in terms that are accessible to a non-economist, and this is quite different from the standard papers required of students in their economics courses.  Faculty mentors will offer guidance and support which includes commenting on drafts of the paper.

Drafts of the paper should be completed before the beginning of the fall 2010 semester.

Final versions of the position paper need to be completed by October 15, 2010. The final version of the paper will be turned in to the faculty mentor and will be judged to be satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Satisfactory papers will be forwarded to the project director and will be summarized and posted on the Economics Department Project website. The summary report of the projects will be posted by December 1, 2010.

Following completion of the papers, an awards dinner for the students, mentors, and grant supporter will be scheduled. Exact date of the dinner will be announced.