Upcoming Events

The Young Democrats have a number of fundraising, policy seminars, speakers, and programs coming up this Fall semester. Please stay tuned for updates!

October 20, 2005
The Whitman College Young Democrats organized and hosted a Supreme Court Forum, an informative panel-based discussion open to both the Whitman and Walla Walla Community. The panel included: Bob Withycombe as Moderator; Tim Donaldson, a City Attorney for Walla Walla County; Adrienne Stuart, Planned Parenthood Public Policy Organizer; and Tim Kaufman-Osborn, President of the Washington State ACLU. Panelists addressed the various impacts the confirmation of John Roberts and the potential confirmation of Harriet Miers will have on the high court, focusing on issues concerning civil liberties, women's rights, and free speech protections.

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April 2005
Campus democrats successfully hosted a thinkBLUE fundraiser in the Reid Campus Center selling thinkBLUE wristbands. Our volunteers raised hundreds of dollars to help support the democratic party in the upcoming congressional and presidential elections.

If you are interested in supporting the democratic cause, please visit thinkbluedems.com.

March 20th, 2005
Local citizens gather in commemoration of the 2nd Year Anniversary of the War in Iraq. In total, over 55 local democrats attended the candlelight vigil in downtown Walla Walla, honoring our men and women fighting abroad with their words, thoughts, and prayers.

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