Tri Delta Symbols

About Tri Delta

Tri Delta is more than simply a collection of symbols, a motto and a pin. However, our symbols, motto and badge are very important to us as Tri Deltas. Here, courtesy of our Executive Office (available at, is a listing of items that have meaning for Tri Deltas.


Our open motto is written in Greek, and means "Let us steadfastly love one another." It is pronounced As'-fah-los Ag-a-po'-men Al-lay'las.


The New Member Pin is worn during the pledge period. It is returned to the chapter before initiation.

A silver Trident Pin, once used as the Pledge Pin, is now worn during the first degree of initiation.

The Stars and Crescent Badge is worn by initiated members. Each badge is engraved on the back with the member's initials, the Greek letters of her chapter, and her chapter initiation number.

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