Let me be the first to welcome you to Whitman College! As a relative newcomer myself, I've discovered that Whitman offers an extraordinary liberal arts experience-one that students describe as being very supportive and communal, while also being challenging and designed to bring out your best.

Among some of our proudest features you'll find a low student-faculty ratio of 9:1 and lots of opportunities to work closely with faculty, collaborate with other students, and do undergraduate research. For example, our annual Whitman Undergraduate Conference, only one of two such conferences in the entire nation, showcases the work (usually in collaboration with faculty) of nearly 200 students to the entire campus community.

Yes, academic expectations are high, but so are levels of support aimed at helping each student succeed in this residential learning community. In the words of one student: "People genuinely want to help you here. When faculty and staff members ask how you are, they really mean it.  They stop and listen to your response and ask questions."

You'll also discover lots of ways to get involved on campus and in the community: 70 percent of our approximately 1,500 students volunteer in the community, nearly 150 internships were awarded last year, and 80 percent of students play intramural sports

Each month the Looking@Leadership series brings leaders from a variety of industries to campus for an intimate lunch and dialogue with 10 to12 students. This is just one example of how Whitman builds bridges between the liberal arts and the professions. Of course, there are lots of other opportunities to explore. Whether by visiting this website or our campus in the beautiful Northwest, we hope you'll discover "The Whitman Way" and just how great a liberal arts education can be when everyone works together to succeed.

With warm wishes and best regards,

Kathy Murray