If you experience sexual misconduct, often the most important action to take is to find someone who can provide you with emotional support.  When you feel listened to and supported it is easier to make other important decisions.  In selecting a support person, you may wish to confide in someone who is:
  • An active listener
  • Easy to confide in
  • Non-judgmental
  • Respectful of your decisions
  • Dependable and available


You are also encouraged to speak directly with Barbara Maxwell, Sexual Misconduct Victim's Advocate, at 527-5208 (w) or 540-2159 (h).  All discussions with the Sexual Misconduct Victim's Advocate are voluntary and confidential.  Barbara is available to assist you in accessing all campus and community resources and, at your request, will also accompany you to all of these locations.


Many types of sexual misconduct require seeking medical attention.  The Health Center services are voluntary and confidential.  The Health Center provides:
  • Care for medical and/or psychological injuries
  • Referrals for advocacy and support services
  • Pregnancy testing, emergency contraception (Plan B)
  • Testing for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, and treatment if indicated. 

In cases of sexual assault where there is a desire to collect physical evidence, time is of the essence.  If the incident occurred within the last 72 hours and you desire evidence collection, do not inadvertently destroy evidence by showering or changing clothes.  The Health Center will provide transportation to the local emergency room if you request physical evidence collection


You need to consider if you have a safe place to stay.  If not, the Health Center is an immediate, short-term option.  The Sexual Misconduct Prevention Coordinator and/or the Dean of Students Office can assist you with locating permanent alternative campus housing.


You may also want to consider taking advantage of counseling services provided by the College.  All counseling contacts are voluntary and confidential.  Many students who experience sexual misconduct find it extremely helpful to have a safe, empathetic professional to assist them as they work through their feelings and issues regarding the incident.


Finally, you will need to decide if you wish to report the incident to the College and/or the Walla Walla Police Department.  The College has a disciplinary hearing process for adjudication of incidents of sexual misconduct.  Details of this process can be discussed confidentially with the Sexual Misconduct Prevention Coordinator without filing charges.  If you decide to report an incident to the Walla Walla Police Department, the Sexual Misconduct Prevention Coordinator can accompany you to make your statement or make arrangements for an officer to come to campus to take your statement, if you wish.