On Monday, Jan. 11 students will receive an email from Meenta.io, the testing company we contract with, to set up their testing account.

Below are the available time slots for off-campus student COVID-19 testing. Please find the seven possible time slots available to you (two on Thursday, Jan. 14, two on Friday, Jan. 15, one or two on Saturday, Jan. 16 and one or two on Sunday, Jan. 17) based on the first letter of your last name.

You do not actually sign up for a specific time slot, but please choose one of the seven times available based on your name to come to Cordiner Hall for your COVID-19 test. 

Saturday, Jan. 16 and Sunday, Jan. 17 have fewer slots for off-campus students as testing for on-campus students will also happen those two days, so we strongly encourage off-campus students to be tested on Jan. 14 or 15 if at all possible. Additionally, it is very important that you show up during one of the time slots available to you based on your last name to avoid overcrowding and long waits at Cordiner.

If you are unable to make any of the times available to you based on your last name, please email covidtesting@whitman.edu to discuss an alternative option.

View this schedule as a pdf.