Dear students, staff and faculty,

As the semester approaches, I wanted to share some information regarding how we are thinking about student work this fall. Most importantly, we are focused on those students who have a work expectation (work-study) in their financial aid package, and ensuring that they have the opportunity to earn those funds, whether or not they are in Walla Walla this semester.

Work Study, First - To ensure that students with work-study have the best chance of earning their full work award--whether through federal, state or institutional work-study--all employers on campus will be expected to hire students with these awards first. Hiring non-work-study students will only be allowed when a qualified student with a work award is not available, or when a non-work-study student currently fills the role and is expected to continue in their position. Also, we ask employers whenever possible to structure work to align with the number of hours in a student’s work-study award, so that they are able to fulfill their work-study with one position.

Increased visibility of all remote or campus positions - In order to ensure inclusion of all eligible and qualified students in the candidate pool for remote or campus positions, ALL open student positions will be posted by the department on the Handshake platform for a minimum of three weeks. The first two weeks will be posted as a work-study position to provide advance notice to students who receive a work award in their financial aid offer. At the beginning of the third week the posting will be opened to all Whitman students. Any student positions that must be filled in less than three weeks will be posted to a new listserve available to work-study eligible students prior to being advertised through other listservs; more details to follow.

NEW remote positions - We are exploring many ways to ensure that students with a work award can earn their full financial aid through a remote student position.

  • If you are a supervisor considering a new remote position this fall, please ensure that your job description is shared with Karri Mickelson in the Financial Aid Office ( prior to posting on Handshake in order to ensure it meets WA state work study requirements.
  • If your department is not planning or able to use some or all Fall student employment dollars, please notify Justin Rodegerdts in the Treasurer’s office as soon as possible; those funds can be used for remote positions developed in other areas of the college this semester. This action will not impact future student employment budgets.

Students and student employers will receive more details about these new processes in the coming week from the Student Employment Advisory Group. If you should have immediate questions, please refer to the Student Employment Handbook or contact Erin Town in the Student Engagement Center or Karri Mickelson in the Financial Aid Office.

Thank you for your attention to these important updates.

Kathy Murray