Upcoming Events

Due to demand, we will be holding another set of training sessions this spring semester! Spring office hours will soon be established and we will be hosting our annual Valentine's day this month. See below for details on previous years. February will also be our second Listening to Kids workshop for students involved with local mentoring programs. We also have plans to expand this program into other campus and off campus groups.

Congratulations to our new fully trained Peer Listeners! Find them on our members page.

You can also join our list serve to receive news by email. Send a blank email to peerlisteners-subscribe@lists.whitman.edu or contact one of the leaders.

Past Events

Talking to Kids Workshop

(Fall 2009) We partnered with the Whitman Community Service Center to train students on how to listen to and problem solve with children. This event was attended by students who mentor at local schools, volunteer with America Reads and America Counts, or are involved with other community services activities. We plan on continuing this training in the future and expanding it to other campus groups.


body image

Positive Body Image Display

(March and October 2009) We asked students to fill out notecards stating, "What do you like about your body?". We took the notecards and displayed them on a panel decorated like an amorphous person. We wanted students to be able to see what their peers liked about their bodies in order facilitate positive body thinking. This event was so successful that we repeated it again the following semester.



Valentine's Day Display

(February 14, annually) We asked students to fill out notecards stating either, "What you like about being in a relationship is...", or, "What you like about being single is...". We took the notecards and displayed them on a double-sided panel so that everyone walking by could look at the responses.

This display was created to show people that being single on Valentine's Day can be just as great as being in a relationship. We hope that people feeling left out around this holiday can feel more included, knowing that a huge percentage of the student body is comfortable being by themselves. The notecards serve to show positive sides of both relationship statuses.

Fundraiser: Neck Warmers

(fall 2009) We made rice neck warmers from dyed tube socks and sold them to benefit the Walla Walla YMCWA. Not only did we raise money for a great local cause, but we also made people oh-so-happy with their personal heaters.

Annual Finals Events

(end of spring and fall semesters yearly) Nearly every semester around finals the Peer Listeners visit the library with goodies for the students hard at work. Some examples of past treats are: cookies, lifesavers, (real) hugs and (chocolate) kisses.


art therapy

Art Therapy Day

(April 19, 2008) We set up a booth next to the tennis courts and allowed people to blow bubbles, play with sidewalk chalk, or paint. A much appreciated study break!