Anyone can join the Peer Listeners. Some members are interested exclusively in being trained in peer listening, other are involved with programming, and many participate fully in both facets.

In order to become a trained Peer Listener, all that is required is being trained by any of the Peer Listener leaders. Topics covered in the training include basic listening and communicative skills, attentive and active listening, questions and paraphrasing, dealing with feelings, problem solving, referrals, campus resources, and special topics such as suicide, depression and sexual misconduct. For details check out our Peer Listener Handbook on the Resources page.

Being a trained Peer Listener is a great skill for life on campus and beyond. Even when not serving in an official Listener capacity, you will find yourself in situations with friends and colleagues that call for these specialized skills.

After you have been trained, we simply ask that you are available for your peers and are able to be a resource for them. We hold weekly meetings to plan programming, train new members, and practice. All listeners are invited to participate in and plan these programs, but they are not required activities.

If you are interested in joining the Peer Listeners, please come to one of our meetings and/or email one of the leaders listed on the Contact Us page. Join our list serve by sending a blank email to or by contacting one of the leaders.