Message from the Director about our services:

A staff of well-trained professional counselors is available to assist you with psychological and mental health concerns that may arise while you are a student here at Whitman College. We pride ourselves on our ability to help most students with the concerns they bring to us. There are no costs for individual and/or group work. We provide excellent referrals to other resources when our services do not match your needs.

Our services are widely used by the campus community. We tend to use brief therapy models. The average number of sessions is six to ten; many times, it is less than this. This approach allows us to effectively serve as many students as possible. There are a number of groups and workshops offered to assist and aid the student population.

Our commitment to diversity guarantees that, whatever your background, you can expect respect and sensitivity for yourself and your concerns. Confidentiality is an important ingredient to providing safe and effective spaces for people to work through their issues.

In addition to the wide range of developmental issues that emerge for college students we are qualified to work with test anxiety, stress management, time management, and a variety of mental health struggles. We work closely with the Student Health Center and qualified professionals in the community when medications or other medical attention is needed.

You are making a considerable investment of your time, money and effort toward obtaining a college degree. Our mission is to assist you in that effort whenever psychological issues occur that impair your performance or impede your progress toward that goal. We are dedicated professionals who are invested in helping with personal and psychological health and development.

In the event our services are needed, I hope you will not hesitate to call on us.

Dr F. Thacher Carter, PsyD., MSW