Dear students,

Due to the campus closure for COVID-19, the Counseling Center staff is unable to provide in-person services to students. However, we want to continue to provide our students with support, especially those who were already working with one of our counselors. Counselors will be able to meet with students via teletherapy, through a HIPPA-compliant interactive video/audio service. Due to state law, only students physically located in Washington state can receive teletherapy. It is not suitable for all students. Talk with your counselor or call 509-527-5195 to see if teletherapy is appropriate for you. Students who are not located in Washington can receive a referral to a therapist in their area.

Thank you,

Rae Chresfield
Associate Dean of Health and Wellness, Ph.D., LPC, NCC


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        • Sanvello, a mental health app, is offering FREE access to their Premium App
        • BetterYou  
        • Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) is offering FREE access to their mindfulness library.  Please check out their resources.