Summer 2009 changes

We have upgraded netFiles! How will this affect you? All your files are still safely backed up in netFiles and you still have 200 MB of storage (for students, 500 MB for faculty, 400 MB for staff).  The newer version of netFiles is easier to manage and you can even upload entire folders at once! Let's check out these changes...

Major Changes



  • A new look - netFiles has an entirely different look and feel. The best way to get accustomed to the change is to use it. Check the Useful links below, particularly the Quick Start Guide.
  • Easier access to features - The old netFiles required clicking the "Advanced" button () to get to features like permissions, tickets, logging, versions and locking. You can now access those same features through the "Manage" button  or by right-clicking the file or folder.
  • Faster, easier upload - For faster upload, including the ability to upload entire folders, you can now use "Advanced Upload".  The old netFiles web site required uploading one file at a time. Note that  Java 1.5 or higher is required to use this feature. 

Useful links

For more in depth information on netFiles uses, try the following links:

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