Managing Tickets


If you want to allow non-Whitman people to work on files in your netFiles space, you will have to create something called a ticket. Just like a concert or other event, a ticket grants the ticketholder access. The ticket can be made in such a way that it allows the ticketholder to add, remove or modify files on your netFiles space. You will still have access to these files as well, so you can collaborate on a file or set of files. Because you will be giving permission to someone else to modify your account, you'll be setting up the ticket to affect only a directory within your account, rather than your entire account.

Creating a Ticket

  1. Log on to netFiles Web
  2. Click on New Folder to create a base for collaboration.
  3. You will be asked to name the new folder. Do this, then click Finish.
  4. The list of files will refresh. Select the folder you just created and go to Manage > Tickets
  5. Click on New Ticket in the upper right corner.
  6. Name the ticket whatever you like (the default will show up as something like Ticket for /username/folder)
  7. Set Permission to either Viewer or Contributor.
  8. The Lifetime determines how long the ticket lasts for. Try not to use Unlimited. Chances are you will not want to remember to come back and remove the ticket when you are done with it. It is much easier to simply set the lifetime to a few months and extend it if you need to later.
  9. Choosing a password is optional. Enable at your discretion.
  10. Click OK.
  11. The newly created ticket will be visible. Now you can select the ticket and Email it.  Should you choose to password encrypt it, try to deliver the password over the phone, so that the ticket and its password are not stored together.

Managing Tickets

You can always come back to Manage > Tickets to edit and email your tickets. The Tickets screen also shows you the ticket link if you decide to send the ticket another way (i.e. instant messaging).  Unfortunately you can only grant either Viewer or Contributor access with Tickets.

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