Sharing Files through netFiles

Sharing Options

There are two main ways to share files using netFiles.  You can use the tickets system, or you can change the permissions of files and folders.  Each method can be made to act almost the same as the other, but they each have benefits and drawbacks.  The method you should choose to share your files depends on what you're trying to share, and the intended purpose for sharing them.

Which is best: Tickets or Permissions?

A ticket can have its own specific access password, and can be set to "expire" automatically after a certain period of time. It is also a very easy, simple, and quick way of making a file or folder shared. Consider a ticket if you want to:

  • share some documents with a single person or a small group of people.
  • use netFiles as an alternative to e-mail attachments.
  • share files with non-Whitties.

Changing permissions may seem a little more complicated.  However, the permissions system has more customizable settings than tickets.  This makes permissions favorable for creating class folders or a drop box. Consider working with permissions if you want to:

  • create a space for long-term collaborative work.
  • share only with Whitman account holders.
  • create class folders or a drop box.

See the topics below for more information about tickets, permissions, and some specific uses for these tools.

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