What is CLEo?

CLEo is a learning collaboration system.  It is useful for managing class announcements, assignments, and other collaborative class work.  You can get to it here:

How do I add a class to the system?

You'll need to send a request to

How do I get trained to use CLEo?

We have CLEo workshops available. More registration, scheduling and more information about this and other workshops is available on our training page.

How do I add someone to my site?

Enrolled students are automatically added to CLEo course sites. This information is updated every hour.

There are some cases, such as students auditing, teaching assistants and guest members, for which the system has no record. In these cases, you can add participant manually the following way:

  • Go to the Site Info section of your CLEo site
  • Click the Add Participants link at the top
  • Put the username(s) (one per line) in the appropriate box:
    • For participants with an email address, use the upper box
    • For participants with a non-Whitman email, use the lower box
  • Click Continue
  • Choose the role you'd like to assign, then click Continue
  • If you'd like them to receive an email notification, click "Send Now." Otherwise, click Continue
  • You'll be presented with a confirmation screen. Click Finish

How do I create a folder in Resources to which students can upload documents?

There are some cases where you'd like students to upload files to a shared dropbox so they can review each others' work. You can achieve this by changing a folder's permissions:

  • Create the folder as you normally would, under Add, then Create Folders.
  • Under the folder's Actions menu, choose Edit Folder Permissions.
  • For the role in question ( Student in a course site and access in a project site), check the following boxes:
    • Create resources
    • Edit own resources
    • Delete own resources
  • Click Save.

Note: any folders or files created within this folder will have the same permissions unless you explicitly change them.

How do I enable/disable student access to my site?

You may have a CLEo site that you are currently working on and don't want students to see it until you've finished setting it up. Alternately, you may have a course from a previous term that has been disabled that you want students to continue accessing. In either case, you want to modify the "Publish site" setting:

  • Go to the  Site Info section of your CLEo site
  • Click the Manage Access link at the top
  • To enable student access:
    • Check the "Publish site" checkbox and click Update.
  • To  disable student access:
    • Uncheck the "Publish site" checkbox and click  Update.
    • Note: once the update is complete, you'll see a box above the left-hand menu that says "Unpublished Site"

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