Enabling the Windows XP Firewall

Turning Windows Firewall On or Off

Note: Windows XP Service Pack 2 and higher set the firewall on by default. To determine if you are running Service Pack 2 or higher, right click on My Computer (under the Start menu) and choose Properties. The version is displyed in the open window and will say "Service Pack 1" or "Service Pack 2," etc. 

To enable or disable Internet Connection Firewall

  • Open Network Connections (Click Start >>> Control Panel, and then click Network Connections.)
  • Click Change Windows Firewall Settings.
  • In the "Windows Firewall" window that pops up, select On (Recommended). This will turn the Firewall on. To disable Internet Connection Firewall, click the Off (not recommended) button. This opens your system up to intrusions.
  • You can set the firewall to block all access by clicking the Don't allow exceptions box. 

Note: You must be logged on to your computer with an owner or adminstrator account in order to complete this procedure.

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