Connect to GoPrint with OS X

Note: Before you attempt to add a printer, make sure that you areconnected to the on-campus Whitman network, either via ethernet or wirelessly.

  1. Open System Preference
  2. Open Print & Fax 
  3. Check that the lock icon in the lower left corner is open. If it is closed, click the lock to open and be prepared to enter your password (if any)
  4. Click the small plus sign [+] above the lock to add a printer  
  5. Click on IP in the toolbar of the new window that opens
  6. Make sure the following settings are correct on that window: 
    • Protocol is set to Line Printer Daemon - LPD 
    • In the Address field enter 
    • In the Queue field enter the printer name (e.g. Library_2nd_2). A list of available printers can be found at Enter your Whitman username and password to log in
    • In the Name field, delete '' and instead enter the name of the printer (e.g. Maxey Lab Printer)
    • In the Location field you may enter the location of the printer (e.g. Maxey Computer Lab) 
    • Under Print Using, choose Select Printer Software..., then select the appropriate driver. (e.g. HP LaserJet P4010). The appropriate model number can be found at the list of available printers at
      • Note: All of the printers (except color printers) in the General Computer Labs (Olin, Science, & Maxey) and the Library use the HP Laserjet P4010 driver.  If you cannot find the driver, you can leave it set to Generic PostScript Printer, but this will prevent you from printing two-sided (duplex).
    • Your screen should look similar to the one below:
  7. Click Add 
  8. On the Installable Options page, set Tray 3 to 500-Sheet Input Tray and check the box for Duplex Unit


9. Click OK

The printer should now appear under the list of available printers.

You will be able to print to this printer anytime you are connected to the Whitman network from anywhere on campus. When you print to the GoPrint server the first time, you will be prompted to log on. You should enter you Whitman network username and password.  If you select the option to save the login information to your keychain, you will not be prompted to log in each time you print.

You may also set that printer to be your default printer by selecting it from the drop-down menu on the Print & Fax page in System Preferences

Note: If you are printing more than one page, please follow these instructions for double-sided printing.  Note that double-sided printing is NOT set as default on the Macs on campus. You must set doublesided printing every time you print from a Mac. 

Install the GoPrint desktop client (optional)

You can optionally install the GoPrint desktop client, which provides an interface to the GoPrint web site.

  1. Log in to GoPrint at
  2. Locate the For Your Desktop box in the bottom right-hand corner.
  3. Download and run the Mac OS X installer.