GoPrint Printing Guide

Printing & Releasing a Print Job from the GoPrint Queue

  1. Print as you normally would (usually File > Print, depending on the program you're using)
  2. The GoPrint Pop-up window will appear:
    • NOTE: If the pop-up does not appear do ONE of the following:
      • Windows - Double-click the GoPrint icon GoPrint Icon  in the task bar (usually in the lower-right corner of your screen).
      • OS X - Click the GoPrint icon GoPrint Icon in the Dock.
      • If no GoPrint icon is available, launch a web browser and go to
  3. Log in using your standard Whitman network username and password, and you will see the following window:
    • To confirm your print jobs:
      • Click the checkbox next to the job(s) you wish to print.
      • Click the Pay and print button: Pay and Print.
    • To remove a print job from your queue and not have it be printed:
      • Click the checkbox next to the job(s) you wish to cancel.
      • Click the Cancel jobs button: Cancel jobs.

If you have trouble with a print job, contact a student lab consultant or the WCTS helpdesk at ext. 4976 or at

Requesting Additional Printing Credit

If you have used more than 90% of your free $50 of printing, you can request to start charging additional prints to your student account. (Please note this request may take up to one business day to process)

  1.  To make the request, look for the red bar at the top of the GoPrint Homepage.

    There is a link to the GoPrint Dashboard on the right end of this bar. Click on this link and follow the on-screen instructions given.

  2. After the request has been approved, you will need to click Next Purse on the GoPrint Homepage to select the "Charged to Student Account" purse. You may then release your print job and it will be charged to your student account.



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