Printing at Whitman

At Whitman, you will either print to GoPrint connected printers or "direct-IP" connection printers.


To print to a GoPrint printer...

From a Whitman-owned computer, view our GoPrint Guide.

From your own computer, view our GoPrint Printer Setup Guide.

For more information about GoPrint, view our GoPrint FAQ page or our About GoPrint page.

"Direct-IP" printing

If you are on a Whitman-owned computer, you should already have the appropriate printer connections set up.

To print from your own computer, view our Direct-IP Printing Guide.

How do I print double-sided?

You can only print double-sided if your target printer has a "duplexing" unit installed (most do). To learn how, view our Double-Sided Printing Guide. 

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