Voicemail System: Quick Reference

Note: If you haven't already done so, please Activate your Voicemail Account
versions of this page: Full Page Sheet (pdf), Voice Mail Wallet Card (.pdf)

Connecting to Your Voicemail

From Any Phone

  1. Call the voicemail system:
    • On-campus - Dial your extension
    • Off-campus – Dial your 7 digit phone number
  2. Wait the voice to pick up, then press [*]
  3. When asked for “ID” enter your extension-#, then press [#].
  4. Enter your PIN, then press [#].

Main Menu

[1] Listen to New Messages
[2] Send a Message
[3] Review Old Messages
[4] Setup Options
[0] Help

Listening to Messages

Message Options

Available at the end of each message:

[1] Repeat Message [2] Save Message [3] Delete Message
[4] Reply to Message [5] Forward Message [6] Mark as New
[7] Skip to Previous Message
[8] - [9] Message Properties
[*] Exit [0] Help [#] Skip to Next Message

Playback Options

Available during message playback

[1] Repeat Message [2] Save Message [3] Delete Message
[4] Slow-down Playback [5] Change Volume [6] Speed-up Playback
[7] Jump Backward 3 sec. [8] Pause Playback [9] Jump Forward 3 sec.
[*] Cancel Playback [0] Help [#] Skip to End of Message
[#][#] Skip to Next Message

Forwarding a Message

  1. Skip to the end of the message [#].
  2. Press [5].
  3. Press [#][#] to enter “numeric” mode.
  4. Enter the extension-# to forward the message to.

Set & Un-set Alternate Greetings

  1. Go to Setup Options from the main menu [4]
  2. Go to Greetings [1]
  3. Toggle normal & alternate greetings [2]

Generic "Global" Keys

These apply to almost every part of the voicemail system. 

EXIT (or go “up” a menu level) – press [*]
HELP – press [0]

Advanced Documentation

We have a full map of the Voicemail Menu Tree available.

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