Student Voicemail Initial Setup Instructions

Connect to your Voicemail Account

  1. Dial in to the voicemail system
    • From a Whitman Phone:
      • Dial your 4-digit extension
      • Press [*] when Voicemail Answers
    • From Off Campus:
      • Dial your 7-digit phone number
      • Press [*] when Voicemail Answers
  2. Enter your temporary PIN. (If you need the default PIN call the WCTS Helpdesk at extension 4976 or email them at
  3. Press the [#] Key
  • When prompted to record your name, record your name ONLY.  You will record a personal greeting later.
  • Set a strong PIN, which must be at least 4 digits. Obvious PINs (12345, 98765, 77777) are not permitted.

Recording and Enabling a Greeting

You can record your standard, busy and alternate greetings by phone. Greetings can be enabled or disabled.

  • Enabled—the greeting is available for the appropriate situation. When a greeting is enabled but not recorded, voice mail plays a pre-recorded greeting.
  • Disabled—the greeting is unavailable for voice mail to play, but the recording is not erased.

You can enable or disable only your alternate greeting by phone. Note that the alternate greeting overrides the standard greeting when enabled.

Log in and Change your Greeting(s)

  1. Follow the "Connect to your Voicemail Account" instructions above to log connect and log in.
    • Be sure to use your new PIN as the temporary one will no longer work.
  2. Press [4] then [1], then [1] again to enter into the greetings configuration system.
  3. After voice mail plays your current greeting, either:
    • Press [1] to re-record it.
    • Press [2] to enable or disable your alternate greeting.
    • Press [3] to record the busy or alternate greeting, and then re-record it.
  4. Use these keys if you re-record a greeting:
    • Press [8] to pause or resume
    • Press [#] to end recording
    • Press [*] to cancel or back up
    • Press [0] to end recording

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