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Whitman provides an analog phone in each student room with one voicemail box. Although a telephone deskset is provided, because the phone lines are analog, you can use your own phone as well. Roommates will be sharing the voicemail box so please keep that in mind when setting up your greeting.

How do I...?

setup my new Unity Voicemail?

  • If you do not know your default voicemail PIN call the WCTS Helpdesk at ext 4976 or e-mail them at Be sure to Change your PIN as soon as you setup your Unity Voicemail.
  • Dial your extension
  • Press * when voicemail answers
  • Enter your extension followed by #
  • Type in the default PIN and follow the voice instructions. For more information, see the Student initial Setup instructions.

check the Voicemail system?

  • Call your campus phone number
  • When voicemail picks up, press [*].
  • Dial your extension.
  • Press [#]
  • Enter your PIN
  • Press [#]

listen to new messages?

  • Once connected to Voicemail, press the number one [1] key on the phone.

save a message?

  • Press the number two [2] key.

delete a message?

  • Press the number three [3] key.

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