7911 Series: Quick Reference

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  1. Display Screen
  2. Phone Series and Model
  3. Softkeys
  4. Navigation/Scroll Button
  5. Displays Menu of Applications – Messages, Call Logs etc.
  6. Hold Button
  7. Keypad
  8. Volume Control
  9. Handset and Indicator Light
  10. Footstand

Answering a Call While on a Current Call

  • Phone will beep when the second call comes in
  • Press the “Answer” softkey 
  • Other call is put on hold

To switch between the calls

  • Use the “Navigation” button to highlight desired call
  • Press the “Hold” button

Placing a Call

  • Lift handset OR Press “New Call” softkey
  • Dial Number

Putting a Call on Hold

  • Press the “Hold” button 
  • Press “Hold” again to reconnect

Transferring a Call

  • Press the “Transfer” softkey 
  • Dial extension or number to transfer to
  • Press “Transfer” again
  • Hang up

Monitor a Call

  • Press the “Monitor” softkey 
  • Hang up receiver
  • Lift receiver to resume

Call Forward

  • Press “CFwdALL” softkey
  • Dial number to forward to

To Deacivate:

  • Press “CFwdALL” softkey

Conference a Call

  • While on the line put first call on hold
  • Place second call
  • Navigate to first call
  • Press “Join” softkey (may need to select “More” softkey )

Retrieve Missed, Received, Placed Calls

  • Press  “Display/Menu” button 
  • Use  “Navigation” button to highlight “Directories"
  • Press the “Select” softkey 
  • Highlight call type to view using the “Navigation” button
  • Press the “Select” softkey 
  • Scroll through numbers using “Navigation” button
  • To exit number listing, press the “Exit” softkey 
  • Press “Exit” twice more to leave 

Redial last Number Called

  • Press “Redial” softkey
  • Lift handset

Check Messages

Red light on handset indicates new message

  • Press “Msgs” softkey
  • Follow prompts

Set Ringer Volume

  • Press “Volume” button up or down

Setting Call Volume

  • While on a call, press the “Volume” button  up or down
  • Press the “Save” softkey

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