Troubleshooting your Wireless Connection

No Wireless Connection

If your computer does not recognize any wireless connection, go to Start, then Control Panel, then Network Connections.  One of the connections displayed should be a Wireless network connection.  If you do not see this, please set up a wireless connection by following our  Wireless Set-Up Guide.

Computer Recognizes Wireless but Cannot Connect to the Network

Try the options below if your computer displays service bars but is still unable to connect to the internet, or if your computer shows an inactive connection (aka recognizes a wireless card, but cannot connect to the network itself).

  • Reboot. Before you do anything else, it is always a good idea to reboot. This will often trigger the connection to fix itself.
  • Disable/Enable your connection. Go to Start > Control Panel > Network Connections. Right-click on your wireless connection and select Disable. Then right-click on the wireless connection again and select Enable
  • Repair your Wireless Connection.  Right-click on the whitman_wireless connection in your Network Connections and select Repair.  This will sometimes fix a simple connection problem.  
  • Log on to the Network. Sometimes the connection issue is not with the wireless, but with your the Whitman network. To ensure that this is not the issue, open your browser. Oftentimes the network logon page ( will appear. Enter your credentials as prompted. You may also try clearing your browser history ( Tools > Clear recent history in Firefox).
  • If you have a Dell...Some Dells come with something called Dell Control Point. To access this to manage your connections search all programs for Dell Control Point. In the program, select Connections. Choose to connect with a Wireless connection, and then choose whitman_wireless as the network.

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