What is ResNet?

The ResNet is the wireless and ethernet connection for Whitman students in all of the dorms on campus. Every dorm has WiFi service as well as ethernet ports for wired connections to the Whitman network. However, before you can connect to the internet in your dorm you must register your computer with Whitman. See our page on registering your computer for more information on how to do so.

Connecting to ResNet

Every dorm room on campus has multiple ethernet ports installed in it. To connect to the ethernet you will simply need a normal ethernet (network) cable (available for purchase at the Whitman bookstore). Once your computer is plugged in and connected, open your web browser and  register your computer on the network. You should only have to do this once a year or so.

In addition to the wired LAN, we have wireless coverage of most of campus. When in your residence hall, we strongly recommend using your wired ethernet connection as much as possible. It is much faster and more reliable than the wireless, and keeping unnecessary traffic off the airwaves will keep the wireless operating more smoothly for everyone.

To connect to the wireless internet in the dorms (or anywhere else on campus) you will need a wireless network card. Most computers come with these cards installed, though some do not. For more information on the wireless and how to connect, see our guide to the Whitman wireless network.

Troubleshooting your ResNet connection

If you ever have trouble connecting to the internet in the dorms, you can contact your ResNet Assistant. ResNet Assistants are student consultants who can offer network support for students living in any of the dorms. For more information about the services they provide and how to contact your ResNet assistant, please see the ResNet homepage.

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