Activating your Whitman Account

New Students, Faculty, or Staff

If you are a new student, faculty, or staff you must activate your campus account before you can access your Whitman email or the campus network.

To Activate your Account:

  1. Make sure that you have your Datatel ID, the 5-7 digit number printed on the front of your Whitman ID card (under your name). If you don't know your ID Number...
    • Students - instructions on getting your ID Number were provided in your new student packet you received in May.
    • Faculty - contact the Dean of Faculty office.
    • Staff - contact Human Resources for your ID Number.
  2. Go to any computer connected to the Internet, open a web browser, go to and follow the instructions.

Important Notes

  • Go slowly though the activation process, and read everything carefully. You are responsible for being aware of and understanding the policies and guidelines you are agreeing to abide by.
  • You will see your password only once for security reasons. If you go past it, clicking the back button will not display your password again.
  • Your password is case sensitive and should you choose to write it down, make absolutely sure it is kept in a safe place where you can find it easily, and change it to something unique at your first opportunity.

Continuing Students, Faculty, or Staff

If you are a continuing student, faculty, or staff member then your account will be re-activated, and you should still be able to use your same password as before.

If you have forgotten your password, please contact the WCTS Helpdesk at 509-527-4976 or

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