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How is Zimbra different than Webmail?

Zimbra offers more features, like a calendar and task function to help coordinate schedules and plan meetings etc.  You can also search through your emails using keywords.  Zimbra can also be organized by tags and conversations, similar to Gmail's method of organizing.

How do I get to my Zimbra account through a web browser?

Zimbra has an excellent 'web' version. Many people find it is their favorite way to use email after trying it for awhile, even if they were used to another program like Outlook or Thunderbird.  Just point your web browser to zimbra.whitman.edu  and login with your normal email username and password.

Can I still access my Zimbra account with Thunderbird/Outlook/Mac Mail?

Yes, definitely yes. If you want to set up any email software program (such as Thunderbird, Outlook or Mac Mail), follow our set-up guides for email software programs.  

How do I use Zimbra's Quick-Search (web interface)?

The search feature is an incredibly useful feature to help you quickly find emails. Zimbra has put together a Search Guide to help you make the most of it.

How do filters work?

Filters can be very useful in organizing your email by automatically tagging incoming email or delivering them into folders.  Zimbra's Filter guide can help you set up your folders effectively.

How does Zimbra filter Spam and Junk Mail? 

Zimbra itself does not filter either spam or junk mail.  These services are provided by Whitman's own Postini system.  Postini is accessible through the Whitman homepage and allows you to be flexible on what you screen and what you allow into your inbox.  Postini also vigorously searches out emails with possible viruses, and lets you know when it has found and quarantined one.  See our Postini guide for more information on Spam and Junk mail filtering. 

I'll be out of the office for a week, how do I set an away message up?

To use Zimbra's auto-reply feature, you can follow their Vacation Message Guide.

I'm leaving Whitman and I want to transfer my emails. How can I do this?

If you have a large amount of email messages that you would like to keep, we have instructions for Transferring Email to Gmail that will require you to also set up a Gmail account. If you only have a handful of emails you'd like to keep and you do not have a Gmail account, it would be easiest to manually forward those emails.  Meanwhile you can forward incoming mail to your new address through Zimbra's Forwarding Guide.

How do I change my password?

To keep your Whitman password synced with other Whitman accounts you can visit the Online Password Changer to securely change your password.

I'm trying to print an email, but the font is really small. How can I change this?

You may be going to File -> Print which won't scale the message properly.  You'll want to go to Zimbra's Printing Guide for tips on printing it properly.

Do I have to click 'Get Mail' to get mail?

Not necessarily.  Clicking the 'Get Mail' button asks Zimbra to look for new mail immediately.  Zimbra searches for any incoming mail every five minutes or so.  If you want to change this setting, go to Preferences -> Mail to change how often Zimbra checks for mail.


How do I use Zimbra's calendar?

Zimbra's calendar is incredibly flexible.  Basic calendar functions are quite simple and straightforward, but it also has a number of powerful and advanced features as well.  The best place to get acquainted with this tool is to see Zimbra's Calendar Guide.

I have an event that happens a couple of times every week. Do I have to put it in my calendar by hand every time?

Absolutely not! You can set a calendar event to be "reccuring", which will tell the system to automatically repeat it for you.  See Zimbra's Recurring Appointments Guide for more.

Can I share calendar events with someone else?

Yes. When you're adding an appointment to your calendar, click on the more details button.  Then, fill in the "Attendees" field.  Zimbra's Appointment Guide will show you how to do this.

Can I share an entire calendar with someone else?

You can indeed.  Zimbra's Calendar Sharing Guide will walk you through setting this up.

If someone else tries to share a calendar with me, how do I make it show up?

When a calendar is shared with you, a message will appear in your Email inbox.  Open the invitation message, and click Accept Share.  Make sure you open this message in Zimbra, rather than 3rd-party mail software such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

Common Issues

Digest emails from the listserv do not show the messages inline, just as attachments.

Either view the message in a desktop client like Thunderbird or use the “standard version” of Zimbra at http://zimbra.whitman.edu/zimbra/h.  If you're already logged into Zimbra, you can switch back and forth between the "standard" and "advanced" versions using the small link above Zimbra's help-button in the top-right corner.

I'm unable to save individual emails from Zimbra to the desktop

Use a desktop client such as Thunderbird. The Import/Export tab in Preferences also has some options for exporting mail, but does not delete messages after exporting.

My calendar items disappeared!

If you switch between calendar views and then try to go to a different time period using the arrows in the top right, your calendar items may disappear.   If your items have disappeared, use your web browser’s Refresh button to reload Zimbra. Your items will be displayed again. Also, if you can, try to stay in one calendar view to avoid triggering this bug.

Calendar items don’t always update automatically after a change

Click the Refresh button in the calendar toolbar to get the latest changes.

Can't Find Your Question?

If you can't find your question above, you can also look at Zimbra's Help Page or contact the WCTS Helpdesk x4976, helpdesk@whitman.edu

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