Zimbra FAQ

What is Zimbra?

Zimbra is a popular, open-source, fully-featured email/calendar/task-management system that was recently implemented as a major upgrade for all Whitman staff and, starting this spring, for Whitman faculty as well (except for faculty who opt to use WhitMail instead).  The Zimbra email system and all its accounts and files we can host on-campus, on Whitman-owned servers.  Zimbra provides email service along with other features like a calendar (private calendar, and/or shared, group (office/department) calendaring and scheduling functions, and even task management capabilities.

Why are we switching to Zimbra?

We have switched to Zimbra for many reasons and after testing and comparing it to other available alternatives on factors such as usefulness, ease of use, the degree to which its features and capabilities address the many needs of the Whitman community.  In the case of faculty, the final determination was made by the Committee of Division Chairs after considering the available options.*
(*with the provision that faculty wishing to use Google Gmail/WhitMail could opt for that as an alternative if they wish)

Who do I call if I have problems with Zimbra?

You can always call the WCTS Helpdesk x4976 or email us at helpdesk@whitman.edu.

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