Configuring Outlook 2010

Follow these steps to set up a Zimbra account in Outlook 2010.

  1. When you first open Outlook it should prompt you to set up an account.  If it does not, go to the File tab > Info (on the left side of your screen) > Add Account
  2. Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types and select Next
  3. Select Internet E-Mail and hit Next
  4. Enter your account information:
    • Your Name >Your full name
    • Email Address > Your full Whitman email address
    • Account type > Select IMAP
    • Incoming Mail Server >
    • Outgoing Mail server >
    • User Name >Your Whitman username
    • Password > Your Zimbra password
    • Make sure to check Remember password
  5. Select More Settings
    • In the Advanced tab:
      • Incoming Server Port > 993
      • Incoming Server Encryption > SSL
      • Outgoing Server Port > 2525
      • Outgoing Server Encryption > TLS
    • In the Outgoing Server tab :
      • Select My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
      • Select Use same settings as my incoming mail server
    • Hit OK and then Next
  6. Outlook will test your settings.  Once it has done so, select Close to close the test window and hit Finish to complete set up

Adding the Whitman Directory to your Address Book

Adding Whitman's LDAP (Internet Directory service) to Outlook will allow you to access Whitman's entire directory when you are writing emails.  

  1. Select the File tab and select Account Settings
  2. Slect the Address Books tab and hit New
  3. In Server information type
  4. Make sure you DO NOT check this server requires me to log on 
  5. Hit More Settings and select Search
  6. In Search base select Custom and write exactly the following into the box:
    • ou=People, dc=whitman, dc=edu
  7. Hit OK, then Next, and finally Finish
  8. Whitman's directory is now set up on your Outlook profile.  You will need to restart Outlook for the directorty to work.
  9. To use the directory, begin type the person's name (first name, last name or both) and hit Names > Check Names.  This will bring up all of the people in Whitman's directory with that name (eg. typing "Smith" will bring up all the Smiths on Whitman's directory).
  10.  Select the person you wish to email and hit OK.

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