Configuring and Using Outlook Express

Setting up Outlook Express

The steps below will guide you through configuring Microsoft Outlook Express to access your Whitman E-mail account.


Adding an Account

  • Open Outlook, from the Start menu
  • If you have never used Outlook Express before, the Internet Connection Wizard should start automatically.  If it does, skip this step.  If the Internet Connect Wizard does not open automatically, click on the Tools menu and select Accounts.  Click on Add in the top right corner of the Internet Accounts window and then select Mail
  • Enter the name you wish to be displayed on outgoing E-mail as the Display Name

Your screen should now look like this (Note: for demonstration purposes, a fictional name was entered, on your screen this would be the name you want displayed on outgoing E-mail)

  • Click Next
  • Enter your Whitman E-mail address as the Internet E-mail Address.

  • Click Next
  • Select IMAP from the drop-down menu, for the Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server, fill in:
    • (for faculty and staff) or 
    • Students please visit WhitMail's IMAP support page for more information
    • (for staff using Zimbra)
  • For your Outgoing mail (SMTP) server fill in:
  • (Note: In the images below, the server selected for demonstration purposes is If you have are a student, then your server choice will be different and will be reflected in the windows with which you are presented.)


Your screen should now look something like this:

  • The next step is to enter your password in the Password field. Your Account name should be already entered for you.

Your screen should now look something like this:

  • The next screen in the setup process is the "Congratulations! You did it!" screen. Click Finish to move on.
  • After you click Finish, you will be asked if you want to view the available folders for your account. Click No and you will be returned to the main Outlook Express window.

Configuring Outgoing Server and Secure IMAP option

  • Select the Tools menu and select  Accounts
  • Click on the Mail tab, select your Whitman email account, and click Properties
  • Click the Servers tab
  • Select the My server requires authentication option.

Your screen should now look something like this (Note: the Incoming mail (IMAP) server settings and your account name may be different then the ones displayed here for demonstration purposes)


  • Click Settings and verify that Use same settings as incoming mail server is selected, click OK
  • Click the Advanced tab and set your Outgoing mail (SMTP) port number to 2525
  • Under Incoming Mail, check the This server requires a secure connection box

Your screen should now look like this:


  • Click Apply and then click OK
  • Outlook Express may display a message saying you have changed some settings and asking whether you wanted to refresh your folder list, click Yes


Setting up Miscellaneous Options

This section has setup instructions for configuring Outlook Express options that are not absolutely necessary to access your Whitman account, but are highly recommended.

Setting up the Online Directory (LDAP)

LDAP is a program which stores all the contact information for Whitman College on a designated server. It lets you easily search for E-mail addresses by connecting to the server through your E-mail program. It will even complete partial addresses or translate typed names into E-mail addresses for you to save you time.

Basic Setup

  • Open Outlook Express and click on the Tools menu and select Accounts
  • Click the Add button and then select Directory Service from the drop down menu that appears
  • In the Online Directory (LDAP) Server box, enter
  • Make sure the My LDAP server requires me to log on box is NOT checked

Your screen should now look like this:


  • Click Next
  • At the next screen, leave No selected and click Next
  • Click Finish to complete your setup

Configuring the Online Directory

  • In the window which pops up click once on the account (This may be labeled differently depending on if you changed the label of the server earlier)
  • Click on the Properties button to the right
  • There are two tabs in this next screen. At the bottom of the General tab there is a box you can check for Check names against this server when sending mail. If you check this box LDAP will be active when you send e-mails. It is recommended you leave this unchecked. (For further explanation of what this option does see Using the Online Directory with Outlook Express below)
  • At the top of the window click on the Advanced tab
  • In the field labeled Search Base type ou=People, dc=whitman, dc=edu. Those settings allow Outlook to search for the addresses of Students, Faculty, and Staff at Whitman.

Your screen should now look like this:


  • Click the OK button

Using the Online Directory with Outlook Express

Left Unchecked: "Check names against this server when sending mail."(Recommended)

To search the LDAP directory if you didn’t check the above option follow these steps.  Begin composing a new message, type a last name in the To: field and click on the Check  button in the menu bar above the composition window.  Outlook Express will display a dialog asking you to pick from a list of everyone who shares that last name.  Once you select the person you want to send your E-mail to and click OK, Outlook Express will automatically enter that person's email address in the To: field.  You can also search for first names or partial E-mail addresses.   

Checked: "Check names against this server when sending mail."(NOT Recommended)

This option is not recommended because it does not necessarily ask you for confirmation when sending E-mail and if you type in a wrong name, you won't know who your E-mail was sent to. 

If you decide you do want to use this option, then LDAP will act automatically to retrieve E-mail addresses for you when you compose any new letter. To test this out click on New Mail button and type in your last name in the To: box, Hi! in the Subject: box, and a short message of your choice in the main text field. Next click the Send button. If your last name is unique at Whitman, the email will automatically be sent to you.  If there are others with the same last name, a window titled Check Names should appear and ask you to pick which person with that last name you wish to send the E-mail to.

Outlook will automatically search the LDAP database for addresses and names similar to what you type in the To: field. Typing first or last names in that field which are shared on campus will produce the choices we saw when we asked LDAP to search for your last name. LDAP will also complete partial E-mail addresses in a similar way. By typing a partial E-mail address such as "username", LDAP will return the full name and address matching that username and automatically send the E-mail to that person.

Basic instructions for using OutLook Express

See our basic usage instructions for Outlook Express for more information about using this software.