Accessing Zimbra on your Mobile Device

You can set-up your Zimbra account on any mobile device (smartphone, iPad, etc.).  Due to the large number of different mobile devices in production, and the fact that they are constantly being changed and updated, WCTS cannot support specific mobile devices at this time.  However, the basic set-up of email on your device will be similar to the process for your computer. 

Email Clients on your Mobile Device

The email client (the program that allows you to access email accounts) on your mobile device is very similar to the one on your computer.  Use the following information to configure your email on your mobile device: 

Exchange Connection (Recommended)

When configuring Zimbra with an email client on your mobile device the best type of connection to use is Microsoft Exchange (or simply Exchange). This will sync email, contacts and calendars from your Zimbra account to your mobile device.  

To set up an Exchange connection to your mobile device, use the following steps:

  1. Add a new mail account, making sure to specify Microsoft Exchange (iPhone or iPad) or Corporate (Android) as the account type.
  2. Use the following information in the configuration process:
    • Email: your whitman email address
    • Domain:
    • Server: (if the server field does not immediately appear, you may need to hit next.  You will then be given the server field).
    • Username: your Whitman username
    • Password: your Whitman password
    • Description: The account's name in your email client
  3. Select the services (Email, Calendar and Contacts) that you would like to sync to your phone.  If you select Contacts, you may be asked whether you want to keep or delete the contacts already on your phone.  Make sure you choose to keep your existing contacts on your phone.  
  4. Finish set-up. 

IMAP Connection (Not Recommended)

If you cannot get your mobile device to connect to Zimbra using an Exchange connection (detailed above) you can configure your email using an IMAP connection.  Note that you will lose Calendar and contact sync if you configure your Zimbra account in this way.  Use the following steps to configure Zimbra with an IMAP connection on your mobile device:

  1. Add a new mail account, making sure to specify IMAP as the account type.
  2. Use the following server settings in account set-up:
    • Incoming Server Information
      • Server:
      • Port: 993
      • Security Settings: SSL (do not use secure authentication)
      • Authentication: Whitman username and password
    • Outgoing Server Information
      • Server:
      • Port: 2525
      • Security Settings: SSL
      • Authentication: Whitman username and password
  3. Finish account set-up. 
If you need more help with Zimbra on your mobile device, please consult the Zimbra mobile page

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