Apple Mail for Mac OSX 10.6

Students (or faculty/staff on WhitMail) please visit WhitMail's IMAP support page for more information on setting up your Mac Mail.


Mail is the POP/IMAP client that is packaged with Macintosh OS X. It allows you to read your email on your computer rather than through a website or Telnet interface. You may choose between POP and IMAP protocols; POP means that your computer downloads your email and deletes it from the server, while IMAP copies your email to your computer and leaves a copy accessible on the server.

Setting Up a Mail Account

Start by opening Mail (click on in your dock, or open Mail from Finder > Applications > Mail)


If you are opening Mail for the first time the screen above will appear.

(If you already have a different email account set up go to File > Add Account to get to the screen above)

  1. Full Name: Your full name
  2. Email Address: Your Whitman email address
  3. Password: Your Whitman email password
  4. Select Continue

Incoming Mail Server

  1. Account Type : choose IMAP or POP
  2. Description: the "name" of this account (i.e. Whitman Email)
  3. Incoming Mail Server: Faculty/Staff use 
  4. User Name: Your Whitman username
  5. Password: Your Whitman email password
  6. Select Continue

Incoming Mail Security

  1. Check the box next to Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  2. For Authentication, choose Password
  3. Select Continue

Outgoing Mail Server


  1. Description: The "name" of this outgoing mail server (i.e. Outgoing Whitman)
  2. Outgoing Mail Sever:
  3. Check " Use only this server" if this is your only email account on Mac Mail, or if you want to send all your email through this server
  4. Select Continue

Outgoing Mail Security

  1. Check Use Secure Sockets Laer (SSL)
  2. For Authentication, choose Password
  3. Select Continue

Account Summary

Your final screen should resemble the screen below:

  1. Check the box next to " Take account online"
  2. Select Create

Finishing Your Setup

Go to Mail > Preferences > Accounts 

Select the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) pull-down menu and select Edit SMTP Server List. You should then see the screen below:


Select the Advanced tab, then select Use custom port and enter 2525, then click OK.


Click the Advanced tab and change the Port to 993.

You can now close out the Preferences box because your set up is finished! 

Using Mail for OS X

Mail uses a fairly standard interface. Its default main window looks like this:


To open a composition window and compose an email, click the icon.

How Frequently Mac Mail Checks for Email

Mail's default setting is to check your email automatically every 5 minutes.

To change this setting select Mail (next to the Apple logo at the top of your screen) and select Prefereces. Select the General tab. Select the Check for new messages option and choose your preference from the resulting list.

If you choose Manually, or if you wish to check for new mail before the automatic check, click the icon in the main window.

Setting up Your Address Book (Optional)

All of the email address at Whitman are stored on something called an LDAP server. If you set up the LDAP server in your Mail account, then you can search for names and email addresses without having to go to the Whitman People search page.

Mac Mail in OSX 10.6

  1. Go to the Mail menu in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and then select Preferences.
  2. In Preferences select the Composing tab. Your window should look like this:
    *If your window doesn't have the Configure LDAP button, skip down to the Previous Versions of Mac Mail.
  3. Make sure the Automatically complete addresses box is checked. Then, click the Configure LDAP button. A new window should pop up.
  4. Hit the + button in order to add the Whitman LDAP server.
  5. Another window will pop up here like the one below, with several blank fields. Fill in the following:
    • Name: Whitman LDAP or whatever you would like to name the Whitman LDAP server.
    • Server:
    • Search Base: ou=People, dc=whitman, dc=edu

  6. Once completed, click Save
  7. Now you should be able to search for Whitman College names and email addresses within Mac Mail.

Previous Versions of Mac Mail 

Mac’s OS X Mail gets all of its addresses from the Address Bookapplication, so if you want Mail to be able to fetch email addressesfrom the Whitman LDAP, you need to set it up in Address Book first.

  1. Open Address Book. It should be in your Applications folder.
  2. Under the Address Book menu, select Preferences.
  3. There should be six buttons: General, Template, Phone, vCard, LDAP, and Sharing. Click on LDAP.
  4. This will show you a list of your current LDAP servers. Click on the + button at the bottom to add the Whitman LDAP server.
  5. Another window will pop up here, with several blank fields. In the Name: field, type: Whitman LDAP or whatever you would like to name the Whitman LDAP server.
  6. In the Server: field, type:
  7. In the Search Base: field, type: ou=People, dc=whitman, dc=edu
  8. Click Save.
  9. You should now be able to quit out of Address Book, and open Mail, where the LDAP will complete any email addresses or names that you start typing.

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