Accessing Zimbra

On the Web

Zimbra's features are best utilized through its web interace.  To reach Zimbra, simply log in with your Whitman username and password to Zimbra's online portal.

On your Computer

Though you can make best use of Zimbra's features through its web interface, it is completely possible to set Zimbra up through an email client program (Thunderbid, Mac Mail, Outlook, etc.).  Please use the following server information and follow the set-up guides further down this page to set up Zimbra on different email client programs.  

Incoming IMAP Server Information 

  • Type: IMAP
  • Server for faculty:
  • Port: 993
  • Security Settings: use SSL
  • Username and password: your standard Whitman username and password

Outgoing SMTP Server Information

  • Type: SMTP
  • Server for faculty, staff, and students:
  • Port: 2525
  • Security Settings: TLS in Microsoft Outlook, STARTTLS in Mozilla Thunderbird or SSL in Apple Mail
  • Authentication: use the same login credentials as the incoming server

On your Mobile Device

If you want to set up Zimbra on your mobile device (smartphone, iPad, etc.) please see our Zimbra mobile guide.

Guides for Common Email Software Programs

Zimbra can be set up on any email software program.  See the following guides for more information about specific software.  

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