In the Spring of 2010 all Whitman Faculty and Staff were merged onto the Zimbra email system.  This system allows you to access email, calendars and contacts on any computer through a web browser. 

Accessing Zimbra

Though we suggest you use zimbra through its web browser portal to utilize all of its features, it is possible to set up Zimbra on any email client software (Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook, etc.).  See our Zimbra email set-up guide for more information.

Zimbra FAQ

Zimbra is a very powerful email system with a calendar that works right along side your email.  See our Zimbra FAQ for more basic info on this system. 

Extra Features

Have a question about a feature on Zimbra?  Try our comprehensive guide for information on many of Zimbra's useful features.

The Whitman Directory (LDAP): See our guide on setting up Whitman's entire directory on your mail client program. 

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