WhitmailIf you are a student or faculty member on WhitMail, the following guides should have everything you need to know about using, accessing, and configuring your WhitMail account.  If you use a Gmail account as well, your WhitMail account will be used and set up in a very similar way.

Accessing WhitMail

Though you can always access WhitMail through the portal on the Whitman homepage, you can configure any email client program (Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook, etc.) to access WhitMail as well.  See our Tutorials on Accessing WhitMail via Email Client Programs.  

WhitMail FAQ

Want information about how WhitMail works, why Whitman uses it and other information about what Whitmail can do?  Visit the WhitMail FAQ.

Extra Features

Though Google has great information and tutorials on their website, we have direct links to several of WhitMail's most useful features here.  Please see our guides on:

Email Forwarding

Setting an Away Message

Spam Filters

The Whitman Directory (LDAP)

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