Important! Staff and faculty who have switched to Zimbra still receive mail filtered by Postini but can also follow Zimbra's Mail Filtering Rules to customize email filter settings.  Students on WhitMail are no longer on postini, and have their mail filtered directly by WhitMail. 

Changing your Postini email filtering settings

To change the filtering level go to and do the following:

  • Log in with your email address as your username and your email password.
  • Click on the Junk Email Settings link at the top.
  • Adjust the settings to set how aggressive Postini will be in blocking spam. Setting the four categories of spam to the middle is a good place to start, and works well for many people.
  • Click Save Changes.
  • Log out (Click "Log Out" in the top right).

Note: There is also a link on the student, faculty and staff pages, listed in the "Toolbox" to Postini.

Once your email filter is properly set up, Postini will send you an email when it has caught some emails. At that point you will need to log on again and verify that it didn't catch any email that you wanted to read. You will have the option to have Postini deliver any email you want into your inbox so you can read it like you usually do.

Approving Senders

Whenever Postini catches a suspicious email, you will have the option of removing or delivering the message. If you remove the message, it will be deleted. If you deliver a message, it will appear in your inbox just like any other email.

Whenever you deliver a message, you will have the option to approve whoever sent that message, which means Postini will no longer block messages from that address.

If you wish to approve senders from an entire domain, you can do so. Choose Junk Email Settings from the main page. Below the spam filter settings, you can add a domain (e.g. and all mail from that domain will be delivered to your inbox.

Additional Information

For more detailed information on using Postini, refer to the official Postini help guides.

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