LDAP in Windows Mail

To configure LDAP to work with Windows Mail, follow the instructions below:

  • Select Accounts from the Tools menu and click Add...
  • Select Directory Service and click Next...

Use the following information when prompted:

  • Internet directory service: ldap.whitman.edu
  • DO NOT check My LDAP server requires me to log on
  • When asked to check addresses using this directory services, read the information provided.  Selecting Yes enables you to use LDAP like the online Whitman directory within Windows Mail (more information on this below).  Selecting No does not enable this feature.
  • Once you have finished completing the wizard, you will return to the Internet Accounts menu.  Select the directory service you just created ( ldap.whitman.edu) and click Properties.
  • Under the Advanced tab in the Search Base box, type the following exactly: ou=People, dc=whitman, dc=edu
     04 LDAP Properties
  • Click OK to accept changes and then close the Internet Accounts window

You have now configured Whitman's LDAP directory to work with your Windows Mail account.  To see how it works when composing a message, try the following:

  • In Windows Mail, click the Create Mail button
  • Type a common first or last name, such as "Smith," into the To: field and click the Check Names button above (see screen shot):
     05 Check Names
  • A list of all the "Smiths" in the Whitman directory will appear.  If you were really writing a message, you would select the name you were looking for and click OK, automatically inserting that name into the To: field of the message.  This works the same way with the Cc: field, and you can use it to enter multiple names into both fields.

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