LDAP in Outlook 2010

  1. Select the File tab and select Account Settings
  2. Select the Address Books tab and hit New
  3. In Server information type ldap.whitman.edu
  4. Make sure you DO NOT check this server requires me to log on 
  5. Hit More Settings and select Search
  6. In Search base select Custom and write exactly the following into the box:
    • ou=People, dc=whitman, dc=edu
  7. Hit OK, then Next, and finally Finish
  8. Whitman's directory is now set up on your Outlook profile.  You will need to restart Outlook for the directory to work.
  9. To use the directory, begin typing the person's name (first name, last name or both) and hit Names > Check Names.  This will bring up all of the people in Whitman's directory with that name (eg. typing "Smith" will bring up all the Smiths on Whitman's directory).
  10.  Select the person you wish to email and hit OK.


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