LDAP in Mac Mail

  1. Go to the System Preferences and then select Internet Accounts.
  2. In Internet Accounts select the Add Other Account.... Your window should look like this:
      El Capitan Internet Accounts screen select Add Other Account...

  3. Next, select  LDAP account

             El Capitan Internet Accounts screen 2 select LDAP account

4. A new window should pop up.


Fill in the following:

  1. Description:  Whitman LDAP
  2. Search Base: ou=people, dc=whitman, dc=edu
  3. Scope: Subtree
  4. Server Address: ldap.whitman.edu
  5. Port: 389
  6. Use SSL:  unchecked
  7. Authentication: None

5. Once completed, click Sign In

6. Now you should be able to search for Whitman College names and email addresses within Mac Mail.

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