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Whitman has two different email services for our community. All of our students use the WhitMail system, powered by Google's Gmail. Staff and faculty use our Zimbra system. Faculty also have the option to use WhitMail if requested.


If you are a student or faculty member on WhitMail, the following guides should have everything you need to know about using, accessing, and configuring your WhitMail account. If you use a Gmail account as well, your WhitMail account will be used and set up in a very similar way.

Accessing WhitMail 

Though you can always access WhitMail through the  portal on the Whitman homepage, you can configure any email client program (Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook, etc.) to access WhitMail as well. See our Tutorials on  Accessing WhitMail via Email Client Programs.  

WhitMail FAQ

Want information about how WhitMail works, why Whitman uses it and other information about what Whitmail can do?   Visit the WhitMail FAQ.

Extra Features

Though Google has great information and tutorials  on their website, we have direct links to several of WhitMail's most useful features here.  Please see our guides on:



In the Spring of 2010 Whitman Faculty and Staff were merged onto the Zimbra email system. This system allows you to access email, calendars and contacts on any computer through a web browser. 

Accessing Zimbra

Though we suggest you use zimbra through its  web browser portal to utilize all of its features, it is possible to set up Zimbra on any email client software (Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook, etc.).  See our  Zimbra email set-up guide for more information.

Zimbra FAQ

Zimbra is a very powerful email system with a calendar that works right along side your email. See our  Zimbra FAQ for more basic info on this system. 

Extra Features 

Have a question about a feature on Zimbra? Try our comprehensive guide for  information on many of Zimbra's useful features.


Mailing Lists

Any member of the Whitman community (Students, Faculty or Staff) can subscribe to one or more of the Whitman mailing lists.  For a complete guide on joining, leaving, and creating mailing lists, please see out mailing list guide.


Zimbra users have their email filtered for spam and viruses by Whitman's email filtering system.  For information on configuring and chainging your Postini settings, see our Postini guide.

The Whitman Directory (LDAP)

You can configure any email client program to pull email addresses from Whitman's online directory, effectively adding all of Whitman to your address book.  For information on setting up the directory on your computer, please see our LDAP guide.  

Arriving & Departing

If you are new to the College, you can find information about getting started with your email account (and much more) in our Arriving at Whitman section.

For assistance extracting and exporting your email and other data from our systems, please consult our Departing from Whitman section.

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