Google Docs

Saving your Google Docs

Even though Google Docs are created and stored on Google's servers, you can save them to your computer if you are moving away from WhitMail.   

  1. Log on to your WhitMail account and click on the Documents tab.
  2. Use the check boxes to select the Google Docs files that you wish to save to your computer.  
  3. Go to the More Actions drop down menu and select Export.
  4. A screen will appear asking in which format you would like the files.  Choose the desired format (the defaults are generally good) and select Download.                                  
  5. The files will not be downloaded to your computer in .zip format.  Simply double-click the .zip file to expand it and save your files.   Note: If you have more than 2GB of files in Google Docs you will have to run the export process several times to download all of your files.    


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