Transferring Email to Thunderbird's Local Folders

Install and configure Thunderbird

Thunderbird icon First you will need to set up Thunderbird on your computer.  Please visit the Thunderbird documentation pages for instructions on how to configure Thunderbird as an email client to access your Whitman email account:

Cleanup Your Whitman Email Account

  1. Once you have set up your Whitman account in Thunderbird, you will be able to create a local folder in Thunderbird to save emails to your computer.  This will allow you to keep your various emails when your Whitman account is deleted.
  2. Go through the emails that you have in your Whitman email account and delete any unnecessary emails that you don't want to save.  This will make the transfer easier and also take up less space on your computer, which is where these emails will be saved.  Once you have deleted any emails that you don't want to keep, empty the Trash on your Whitman account.
  3. To empty the Trash within Thunderbird right click on the Trash icon and select "Empty Trash." menu
  4. Next you will create local folders on your computer within Thunderbird.  To do this right-click on the "Local Folders" icon and select "New Folder."  A small window should pop up where you will enter the name of the new folder then click "OK."
  5. You can create multiple folders if you choose to, by repeating step four above.
  6. If you would like to create sub-folders when you reach the pop up window described in step four, simply select one of the folders located below the "Create as a subfolder of:" dropdown menu.  You will be able to create a sub-folder within that folder.
  7. Once you have created all of the necessary folders in the "Local Folders" section of Thunderbird, click on the folder under your Whitman email account that contains the messages you would like to move.  You don't have to create more than one folder unless you feel it is necessary for your organizational system, one folder will save your emails just as well as six folders.
  8. Select all the messages (using Ctrl+A) and drag and drop them into the folders you created under the "Local Folders" section.  This will remove them from the Whitman email servers and save them permanently on your computer.
  9. You can view the messages that you have transferred by launching Thunderbird and then clicking on the folder to which you have dragged your Whitman messages.  The messages you drag into Local Folders will remain accessible even when you no longer have access to your Whitman email account.

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