Welcome to Whitman!

Welcome to Whitman! Technology Services is here to help, support and enhance your Whitman experience. We look forward to working with you.

Information for Everyone

  • Your Email:When you arrive at Whitman, an email account is automatically created for you. Follow the link for more information on using and setting up your account.
  • Campus Phone & Voicemail: Phones are found in many of the offices and labs around campus. Our support pages include instructions on setting up voicemail, placing calls, and other useful information.
  • Campus Mailing Lists: Creating, subscribing, unsubscribing, and otherwise managing your mailing lists.
  • Training: Training sessions on a variety of topics are available to members of the Whitman community. Follow the link for more information.
  • IT Policies & Guidelines: Information on Whitman's official stance on network use, filesharing, and anything else related to technology.

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