Creating PDFs in iWork Pages for Print


Start by Ensuring You Have a "Poster-sized" Poster:

1. Make sure you've got the Inspector visible.  Do this by going to the View menu and selecting "Show Inspector".  If all you find is "Hide Inspector", the Inspector should already be visible on your screen.

2.  Click on the icon on the top left corner of the Inspector, and you should see this:

3.  If the Page Size listed is not the size of the poster you wanted to create, click on the Page Setup button.  But before you do...

Be aware that in changing the Page Size, you may have to resize the elements on your page to adequately match the new page size.  It also helps to change your paper size to something that is proportional to your current page size.  For example, in the image above, the current paper size is 11" x 17".  In seeking to enlarge it, it's helpful to double or triple those numbers, or to do some more fine tuned math to keep the numbers proportional.

4.  In the Page Setup dialog box, choose "Manage Custom Sizes" from the Paper Size drop down menu, and set the page size you'd like.  Do this by:

  • clicking on the plus sign to create a new page.
  • Double clicking your new page to give it a recognizable name
  • Typing in the dimensions of the page that you want.  For most posters, set the borders to 0.
  • Click OK

Your new page size should be selected in the Paper Size drop down menu.  Click OK.  Your Pages document will now be the size that will translate to a poster print-ready PDF.


Save Your Finished Poster as a PDF:

1. Select File on the toolbar and click "Export...".

2. Make sure that the PDF box on the top left is highlighted, and click "Next".

3. Name the file in the "Save As" box. (INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME IN THE FILE NAME, please) 

4. Click "Export". 

Once you have saved the PDF, open the PDF and make sure it looks ok.