Preparing Your Poster for Print


Often when you create a project for print—fliers, handouts, and especially posters—you aren't going to do the printing yourself. Two color and large-format printing options on campus are Production Services in Boyer House and WCTS' Multimedia Development Lab to get the printing done.

Production Services almost always requires documents for print be brought to them in PDF form. The MDL requires either PDF or TIF files, depending on the program used to design your poster.

Creating PDFs of your documents for print can be more involved than the processes described on our general PDF help page. This is especially true when your document's physical dimensions are larger than 11" x 17".

The tutorials below will guide you through creating the appropriate file for printing, based on the software application used:

Creating posters in the following software applications is not recommended or supported:

  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Word
  • Apple iWork: Keynote

If you have already created your poster in one of these applications, you can still print it by transferring (copy/paste or maybe export) your content to one the applications listed here. In the case of Microsoft Publisher, you may find success by creating a PDF on your personal computer as described on our general page about creating PDFs.