VPN Instructions for Vista/Windows 7


Whitman College provides a VPN server for administrative staff that allows you to securely connect to our internal network over the internet. This would allow you to potentially gain access to services such as Datatel or Millennium while off campus.

*Note* A VPN connection to Whitman College will not work in all locations. Some hotels, wireless hot spots and some Internet Service Providers use older firewalls, routers and wireless access points the do *NOT* support the required "Cisco IP/VPN passthrough (IPSec/L2TP)" and so the VPN connection to Whitman College will fail.

You need to contact Kevin Kelly (kelly@whitman.edu) to request a VPN account and to receive the "group password" need to log into our server.

Install and configure the Shrew VPN client


Download the Shrew VPN Client and Configuration File

Please note you will need to login with your Whitman account to download these files.

Save this two files to your computer's hard drive and note the location where they were downloaded, usually your Desktop or in a Download folder.

Shrew VPN Client for Vista/Windows7

Shrew VPN Configuration file for Vista/Windows7

Install the Shrew VPN Client

1. Run the "vpn-client-2.1.5-release.exe" program you downloaded using the links above.
2. Click "Next".
3. Click "I Agree".
4. Accept the defaults and click "Next" on "Choose Components".
5. Accept the defaults and click "Next" on "Choose Install Location".
6. Click "Install" each time when asked "Would you like to install this device software?".
7. Click "Finish" to complete the installation of the Shrew VPN client.

Import the Whitman VPN configuration file

1. Start the "Access Manager" program found on your Start menu under "ShrewSoft VPN Client" folder.
1. Click on "File" and then "Import".
2. Navigate to the location where your downloaded the configuration file, select the "Whitman College.vpn" file and click "Open".


Connecting to the VPN, verifying VPN IP address and accessing the "K" drive


Connect your computer to the VPN

1. Start the "Access Manager" program found on your Start menu under "ShrewSoft VPN Client" folder.
2. Double-click on the "Whitman College.vpn" icon and click "Connect".
3. Enter your user name in the "Username" field.
4. Enter your VPN password in the "Password" field.

*Note* It is our strongly recommendation you use the Keepass program to store your VPN password and use copy and paste to enter and password instead of typing the password each time.

5. You should now be connected to the Whitman VPN and it should look like the following:


 *Note* Do NOT close the "Shrew Soft VPN" window as this will close your connection to the VPN!


Verifying your VPN IP address

You can use your web browser to open the following web page:

Display my IP addresses

The web page should looke like thw following and your IP address should be 10.20.2.xx where "xx" and a number from 1 to 253.


Accessing files stored on the "K" drive (winfiles.whitman.edu)

1. Click on "Start", "Run" and enter "cmd" (no quotes) and click OK.

2. In the CMD window, enter the following command and press ENTER.

net use k: \\winfiles.whitman.edu\offices

3. Enter your email address as your "user name" (username@whitman.edu) and press ENTER.

4. Enter your *network* password and press ENTER.

5. You should see "The command completed successfully" as shown below.


Disconnecting from the VPN

1. On the "Shrew Soft VPN" window, click on the "Disconnect" button.